5 ‘E’s that tell you to take the small room in your new home

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Smaller the room, the better it is!

The first thought when we move into a new home with a flatmate is to find the big room. But the big room comes with its own set of challenges and disadvantages. A small room on the other hand may be a blessing in disguise.

There have been many instances when our friends have opted for smaller rooms and we wondered what prompted their decision.

After interacting with a wide number of people, we realized it was indeed a wise decision to take up the small room. Just a heads up – people refer to small rooms as cute ones.

We found some simple reasons why people, our friends, you and I make this exception. Read on.

Easy to maintain

blog---pipelines-small-room - clean

The space of the room being small, it takes little time and effort to maintain your home. Home cleaning becomes easy and helps us keep the room clean and sparkling at all time.

Just remember, when you host an overnight party at your home, the tedious task of cleaning your room seems not so tedious. Why? The small room.

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Easy to manage


The requirements for a smaller room is less and easy to arrange your room. Whether it be a bed, cupboard, sofa, study table and lamp, it becomes 2x times easy to manage your room and make it look as compact as possible.

You can take up some counselling from the interior décor experts in making your small room the best room to stay in.

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Easy to find an ‘intruder’ in a small room  


We are not talking about thieves (though it might be a discussion for another blog). We are talking of pests. The cockroaches, ants, lizards and bedbugs. They sure know to scare us all and they love to hide in small spaces. What do we do? Call the pest control and get rid of them till they come back to haunt us.

However in the case of the small rooms, it is easier to spot any pest-ering activity and makes it quicker to find a solution.

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Easy to save your finances

blog---pipelines-small-room- finances

Sometimes, one needs to pay as per the size of the room and you got your answer there – pay less for the small room. (Don’t assume it is the same for every room. Some people change rooms monthly, quarterly or half-yearly as desired.)

Moreover, the furniture and other expenses that incur for decorating the small room will ease the pain that would otherwise have incurred on the bigger room.

Easy to save time


Summing up all the points mentioned below, we all know time is of the essence. And a small room gives the necessary leeway in managing our time efficiently and ensure our productive levels are above the desired limit.

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On the whole, the small room can be synonymous-ly used with ‘easy’ for various reasons. When you move into your new home, we can help you set it up. Hit the button below to book an awesome service experience.

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