5 simple hacks to create more space in your home

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More space, more happiness.

“We need more space” is something that every person living with either family or friends feels it. But this is not always about the emotional aspect.

More space is a physical and emotional feeling that one gets. When we refer to the emotional quotient, it is more about the liberty to do what one wishes to do and is not restricted by other people’s actions. But what we are referring to is a mix of physical & emotional aspect.

No matter how big your room or apartment, we get a feeling of living a small world. This feeling of being near void inside ourselves. We need to more space but that does not mean we need a bigger place to live. All that we need to do is provide positive happy signals to our brains that make us feel living a grandeur life.

We believe every home needs an upgrade, every now and then. This makes our life more colorful, happy and lively. So, we bring to you 5 easy life hacks that can help you create more space in your home sweet home.

Keep it clean


More space 101. Ask anyone and they will give you the same answer. The first thing to create space in our home to make sure it is kept clean. Automatically our brain registers it and shows us that we are living in a bigger environment.

Moreover, keeping your home clean is directly proportional to a happy mind.

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Sort your laundry


Taking care of your laundry can be a daunting task. Most of the people living alone or with flatmates do not have a washing machine. So every aspect of the work needs to be followed diligently to not let your clothes get spoiled. Sometimes we get lazy. However, if do it the right way, it will help clear up the mess and ensure you have space to shake your leg.

(Some quick tips: Dirty Laundry – How to do your laundry the right way)

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Space for grooming products


Believe it or not. Men as well as women have a range of ‘grooming’ products at home. It needs to be stacked up in the right places in the right manner.

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Install compact furniture for more space


Choosing the right furniture goes a long way in creating more space. Derive your need for the furniture and do some research of your own. Nowadays, you get compact convertible furniture which helps you save time when you do not use them. Whether it be a sofa, study table set or a cot, make sure you accommodate the one that is the need of the hour. 

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Light home painting


The last and most invisible factor that can bear an impact while creating more space in your home is the paint color. It is always advisable to light paint your home that helps your home look brighter and bigger.

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