5 simple ways to deal with a messy roommate

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From messy to besty!

There are 3 kinds of people who generally live in a house – One, who loves to keep the home clean. Two, who hates to clean the house. Or #3, who have no real inclination towards either of the said two. The ideal scenario for two roommate would be for both of them to be the 3rd kind.

However, if you fall under the 1st bracket and your roommate is someone who hates to clean the home, imagine the given scenario.

You come back home from a hard day at work. Only to find a dirty living room and room filled with used clothes spread all over. And this has been recurring for quite some time. Damn!! This will make anyone flip out. Probably the lord has heard you out and there is an easy solution to help ourselves out this ‘mess’ at home.

Well, it may not be a smooth ride with your roommate but you can avoid unnecessary quarrels. Accept people for who they are. Here are 5 easy ways to deal with a messy roommate. Read on.

Deep home cleaning

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Most of us have our maids at home who help wash the utensils and keep our floors clean. But how well does that keep the dirt out of the house? Not so much. Make sure your find an expert professional to keep your home deep cleaned.

Check out the infographic to know the difference between a house maid and a home cleaning expert.

Find a home cleaning expert through LocalOye

Pest control services at home

Find a pest control expert through LocalOye

Talking about cleaning a house, we need to get rid of those pests – ants, cockroaches, bed bugs – which thrive on small pieces of food chunks, sweets on the floor, and many other elements.

Get periodic pest control done in your house to ensure you do not have uninvited guests.

Keep your home pest free through LocalOye pest control services

Laundry services

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Alas, the nasty part. Getting those smelly clothes washed, ironed and folded safe into the cupboard can be the most taxing part.

Find your preferred laundry experts in your city who provide door-to-door service.

Find laundry service through LocalOye

Barter system – I (Pamper your roommate)

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It is always about give and take. If you want your roommate to do something for the house, give her something that she would enjoy. And yes, expert something in return.

Give her an amazing beauty spa treatment that she will love and will do anything for it.

Pamper your roommate through LocalOye

Barter system – II (Cook something special for your roommate)

Find a cooking tutor in your locality through LocalOye

Coming to the final one and as we put barter system – II. They say the path to make someone do something they don’t prefer is through the tummy. And your roommate will just worship (a little exaggeration is allowed) you for the entire life for making something he or she really loves.

Don’t know how to cook? Hit the button below to find the cooking experts in your locality.

Find a cooking expert

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