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It’s time to save the date – March 23, 2016. The festival of colors is coming to a close. There has been so much anticipation and excitement all around us, we are clueless as to what do we do this Holi.

Recently, we heard one of our customers tell us – “I have never seen this kind of preparation done in our neighborhood. Kids & adults alike have formed committees to make this Holi a unique experience. But at the end of the day, we are unable to arrive at a particular decision for celebrations. We want to keep it clean and environment friendly and avoid any use of plastics”

That sure seems like a lot needs to be done. There are various reasons to it. Now, Holi has gained so much importance and popularity across the world it is celebrated in various forms and styles.

To give a glimpse of the popularity, we sure know you have seen this video that gives a glimpse of our favorite festival.

Never drive after you drink *ahem* (Not alcohol, silly!)

Find a driver through LocalOye this Holi season
Hire a driver for all party escapades

It’s celebration time and why bother the tedious task of driving around when you know the roads are going to filled with traffic. Driving through this mess may be tensing for your mental as well as physical strain.

Find drivers on demand through LocalOye

Make some delicious spread for all your guests

Find a caterer through LocalOye this festive season
From sweet savories to many more

Inviting guests over? We have got some of the finest caterers in your locality who bring with them immense experience and skillsets in preparing a wide spread of your choice and preference.

Find an expert caterer through LocalOye

Find Pundits & Purohits online for your holi rituals

Find pundits and purohits through LocalOye
For our culture and traditions

Not able to find a well-versed and experienced pundit for your cultural ceremony? We have you covered here as well.

Find pundits & purohits online through LocalOye

At some point, you need to wash the color off your face

Find expert beauticians near your locality
Remove the color and nourish your skin

The color during holi may not be easily removed through a simple facewash. You require a certain tact and technique and the necessary requirements to remove the colors.

Find a beauty expert through LocalOye

Playing at home? No need to clean

Find home cleaning experts in your locality
It’s time to clean up!

Ah damn! No one likes to clean up the mess after a good day of celebration. So, why not hire the experts who can do the job for you?

Find a home cleaning expert through LocalOye

Well there, you have it all and know it all. Now, it’s time to celebrate Holi.

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