What makes Harvey specter who he is!

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Harvey Reginald Specter – “Ever loved someone so much you would do anything for them? Yeah, well, make that someone yourself and do whatever the hell you want.” 

We all love the character that talented actor & producer Gabriel Macht plays in the world famous USA TV series ‘Suits’, don’t we? The character of Harvey Specter is portrayed as a suave, eloquent lawyer who is considered by some to be the best closer in the law industry in New York.

The way he presents himself not only makes him an extremely good professional at what he does but also makes him a favorite among beautiful women. He is confident but selfish; he is emotional but not expressive; he is self-appreciative but cares for others (sometimes). And what’s more he is rich and a successful lawyer.

So many qualities in one man is sure to be idolized by men. And you may be wondering what makes Harvey Specter the awesome guy that he is.

And yes, we tried our best in decoding the mystery and here are the results.

You need to know how to showcase your best in your job interviews


CV writing needs professional assistance
Source: No excuse to be below awesome

You don’t just prepare a CV. You prepare the best and make sure you land the job. Anything below par needs to be eliminated.

Make your CV extraordinary

It’s important to pamper yourself (a little bit)


Stay fresh and healthy through LocalOye
Source: Because alive is awesome

Well, look at the guy. So flamboyant and amazing. Always. It is important to give time and pamper yourself. Regular care of your skin & hair will keep you fresh and awesome.

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You need to pamper other stuff too


Book a car spa service through LocalOye
Source: Elegance personified

Well, it is not always about you. It is how you RIDE it. We just can’t take our eyes off the fabulous vintage Mushtang that Harvey Specter drove in Suits. While it is in our bucket list to drive at least once in our lifetime, it needs to be pampered. Proper care and servicing is required for it to be in that awesome condition.

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Fitness is important


Box your way to fitness
Source: Box your way to fitness

Harvey Specter loves to sweat it out through boxing. Fitness keeps your mind & body healthy and fresh. And more importantly, it helps one to think right and stay confident.

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Harvey Specter sure knows how to host a dinner party


Harvey Specter may love to use some Gourmet catering
Source: Raise a toast

Oh, if you want to be someone of Harvey Specter’s stature, it is important to know to host an awesome dinner party.

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You think you learned something here? Yes. Then, good. It’s time to go.

Let's move on
Let’s move on

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